Instructions for presenters

Poster presenters:
Poster dimensions are 4 ft x 4 ft (1.2 x 1.2 m). We recommend short headings (dense blocks of text are unlikely to be read) and minimum font size of 24 point (smaller lettering is likely to be unreadable) with clear motivation and conclusions sections. Chancellor Green will open for poster installation 9:00 AM Mon-Fri. Please remove your poster at the end of your session so the next presenter can post theirs. Posters remaining at the end of the day will be removed by staff.

Oral presenters:
Please note the appropriate aspect ratio for slides is 16:9. A PDF file format is recommended as font substitution in Power Point can lead to unpredictable results. Movie clips may not run due to mismatch of video plug-ins. A large font size is necessary for text to be legible to the audience. Axis labels, scales and legends on figures should be a minimum of 16 pt font. See image of screen in Richardson auditorium below.

Presenters are asked to provide a USB drive with their talks and check them on the ‘speaker-ready’ computer in Richardson lower lounge at least ½ day in advance.
The talks can be transferred to the Google Drive presentation folder there.
Talks can also be uploaded to directly to the Google drive:

You will need to log in to your Google account to do this.
If you are presenting in the morning, please do this the previous afternoon
If you are presenting in the afternoon, please do this in the morning.
Please use the following filename convention:
‘Session day_ AM/PM_Your Family Name.pdf’
for example ‘Tuesday_PM_Lastname.pdf‘
Please be aware that if your talk subsequently disappears from this folder it is because PSI staff have transferred it to a private folder connected to the projector.

Speakers will not be allowed to load presentations during a session, or to connect their own laptop, memory stick, etc.
Presentations will only be displayed from the conference computer.
Please do not leave uploads to the last moment. Delays due to last minute upload issues will reduce the time available for your talk.

Important Time limits:
Tutorial:             45 mins + 15mins for questions, 60 mins hard limit.
Review:             35 mins + 5 mins for questions, 40 mins hard limit.
Invited:              25 mins + 5 mins for questions, 30 mins hard limit.
Contributed:      17 mins + 3 mins for questions, 20 mins hard limit.
Due to the tight schedule, session chairs will strictly enforce time limits