Oral schedule

All oral sessions will be held in the Alexander Hall auditorium, see map.
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Sunday June 17th
Tutorial Session      abstracts available here

  • 1:00            deTemmerman    Physics of Linear Devices
  • 2:00            Koel       Chemistry at the edge: Surface science probes of plasma-materials interactions
  • 3:00            coffee break       
  • 3:30            Feng       3D Stellarator Edge Physics
  • 4:30            Goldston            SOL physics + heat dissipation

Monday June 18th click on talk title to see abstract

Tuesday June 19th 

Wednesday June 20th
Note: the morning orals have been moved 20 mins earlier to allow people to catch the 1:22 PM train to the NYC excursion.

Thursday June 21st           

Friday June 22nd