Paper preparation

The proceedings of PSI 2016 will be published in the online journal Nuclear Materials & Energy published by Elsevier Ltd. The length of the papers is 6 journal pages for oral and poster contributions, 10 pages for invited, and 12 pages for review papers. Please consult the Elsevier Guide for Authors and

Estimation of the length of a manuscript

To meet the 6 journal page limit, an article should not exceed 5,500 word-equivalent including text, title, abstract, figure captions and references. The limit for 10-page invited papers is 9,000 word-equivalent, for 12-page review papers 11,000 word-equivalent. When figures, tables or equations are used, the equivalent number of words must be estimated using the following:

  • One column wide (7.5 cm) figures/tables: 20 words per cm height
  • Two column wide (15 cm) figures/ tables: 40 words per cm height
  • Equations: 20 words for each equation

Information on paper submission is available here.

Note for non-native English speakers:
English is the universal language of science but can be a challenge for non-native speakers. Poor English will make it difficult for readers to understand your work and can delay the publication process. Non-native authors may wish to consider an editing service to ensure their English is clear and comprehensible. One such an editing service is offered by the Institute of Physics in partnership with Editage. For more information please follow this link.

Enquiries about the publication process may be directed to