Posters schedule

Poster sessions will be held in Chancellor Green, (see map) which will open 9:00 AM Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri for poster setup. Please remove your poster at the end of your session so the next presenter can post theirs.

Presenters:  please refer to important instructions for formatting your posters.

A list of posters sorted by author and a list sorted by presentation day is available for download. These lists now include the poster board numbers. The schedule of posters has changed a little to make room for the Monday reception. Please re-check latest version (10 June 2018) for your poster session and poster board number.

A pdf file with all the abstracts grouped by topical category is available for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader may be used to search for authors or key words. A high speed internet connection is recommended for the download as the file size is 12.3 MB.

Posters remaining at the end of the day will be removed by staff.