Wednesday Excursions

A variety of exciting organized excursions are offered for Wednesday afternoon. Instead of a hot sit-down lunch, a take-out lunch box will be available at 12:30 PM that you can take with you. Buses will depart from Nassau St at 1:00 PM. Please see below for departure time of return bus. To make sure enough bus seats are available for everyone it is important to let us you know your choice of excursion on the registration form. We reserve the right to cancel options that do not attract sufficient people. Extensive information on the destinations is available at the URL links below.

Completion of the Waiver of Liabiliity form is REQUIRED of all excursion participants by June 18th. Please download the form and either:
(i) fill in your name, sign electronically and email to; or
(ii) print, fill in your name, sign and hand in on arrival at the conference, or
(iii) fill in, sign and hand in the blank form available at the conference registration desk.

New York City:
A bus will take you from Elm Drive on campus to the Princeton Junction Train station (alternatively you can take the ‘Dinky‘ branch line train from Princeton to Princeton Junction). Then take the ‘NorthEast Corridor’ train from Princeton Junction to Pennsylvania Station, in Manhattan. For schedule and fare information, go to We will provide train tickets and museum tickets to your choice of the Metropolitan MuseumMuseum of Modern Art or 9/11 Memorial Museum. To maximise the visit time before museum closing we will begin the Wednesday AM session as soon as the buses arrive from the hotels and shorten the coffee break to 15 mins.

Discounted tickets to Broadway shows are available from TKTS in Times Square. Follow this link for real-time listings of all the great Broadway and Off Broadway shows on sale at TKTS. The cost is not included in your excursion package.

Grounds for Sculpture:
A 42-acre sculpture park, museum, and arboretum that has become one of the premier cultural destinations in New Jersey. Buses will depart Nassau St. 1:00 PM for the Grounds for Sculpture, a unique sculpture park 12 miles from Princeton. The return bus departs from Grounds for Sculpture at 5:30.

Thomas Edison Center:
Buses depart Nassau St. 1:00 PM for the Thomas Edison Center 24 miles, 47 mins away. You can view original artifacts and listen to 100+ year old Edison Phonographs. The museum closes at 4:00 PM and return buses depart at that time.

NJ shore:
Buses depart at 1:00 PM for sea and sand at the NJ shore at Belmar, 54 miles east of Princeton. Return buses depart 5:30 PM.

Local Canoeing:
Buses departs for convenient local canoeing on Lake Carnegie, 1.5 miles, 5 min by car, 30 min walk. Return buses depart 5:30 PM.

Delaware River Rafting:
Buses will depart at 1:00 PM for rafting on the Delaware River 34 miles away. Return buses depart 5:30 PM.

A soccer game will be organized following the PSI tradition. It will take place on the PU campus on the Plummer Field.  This is a lined turf field with goals, 10 mins walk from Richardson (click here for map). Soccer T-shirts will be provided and teams will be organized at the field. Access to locker room/showers before or after the game will be available at Dillon Gym for people who have provided their names in advance. The game will be 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM. For more information please contact